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Post subject: Youth Malik Hooker Jersey Post Posted: Fri Jan 18, 2019 1:50 am
Film Room: Quenton Nelson pass blocking vs. Seattle Seahawks Youth Malik Hooker Jersey , Preseason Week 1 Only so much can be learned during the NFL preseason. Teams approach each game with vanilla schemes; there isn’t a full weak of opponent specific film review and planning; every projected starter or role player who has a paper cut is held out or severely limited for these games; and so on. One area of the game that doesn’t change much is what happens in the trenches. Offensive and defensive linemen won’t purposely change their technique, their assignments, or even their intensity and effort level. As a result, it is valuable to take a look at how a new offensive line played against one of the more well respected defenses in the league — even if they weren’t at full strength. Over the next two days we will focus specifically on Quenton Nelson’s first NFL game performance, looking at the pass and the run separately. Today, we start with pass blocking.This is a designed play-action roll out. Nelson allows his man to come through the line away from play direction, biting on a would be hand-off to Marlon Mack. This is a clear win for Nelson.On this play, Luck takes a three step drop from the shotgun. He will need a pocket in front of him to step into his throw. Nelson helps provide that pocket by allowing the defender to take himself wide and then controlling him physically as he tries to turn the corner. The defender had no chance of making a play on Luck at any point here.This play demonstrates an area that Nelson will need to refine. Every offensive snap where Nelson was able to get his mitts into the defender, he easily won. At the NFL level, defensive linemen will be better hand fighters and quicker than they were in college. In this case, the defensive lineman clubs over to get penetration. Nelson recovers enough to keep his man’s momentum moving past the pocket but Luck is forced to step up and avoid the pressure. He fails to get the first down and takes a good shot for his effort. This is another example where the defender dispatches of Nelson with his hands. Here the defender clubs and uses a quick swim move to gain the advantage. Nelson has to recover and likely gets away with a hold here. He also got help from Ryan Kelly, which allows Brissett to get this pass away cleanly. Still, quickness at the NFL level is a learning experience for players at every position and Nelson will need to work on how to combat it if he wants to become a more consistent pass blocker.This is possibly the best example for why Nelson doesn’t project well to play tackle on either side of the line. Quenton Nelson’s best attributes are his brute strength and his size. This makes him most comfortable as a blocker when he can engage his opponent early. This gives him the tendency to reach and get off-balance when the defender uses speed instead of strength off of the snap. Here, the defender is able to club and swim to the outside with too much speed for Nelson to catch up. He has to grab the defender to slow him down and keep him from getting the sack or batting the pass down.Notice the difference here. The defender takes a more direct angle to Luck and tries to go through Nelson. Quite simply, this isn’t going to happen. Nelson is far too strong and has too much balance on downs like this for the defender to have an impact.This play is the same as above. When Nelson engages and squares up with a defender http://www.coltsauthorizedshops.com/authentic-rigoberto-sanchez-jersey , the down is over. The only chance a defensive lineman has to win against Nelson is to keep his hands out of his chest and force him to rotate his hips and surrender his base.While this is not a great down for Nelson, it displays his strength and base. He loses off of the snap by taking a strong initial punch from the defensive lineman, rocking him back on his heels. He keeps his feet moving to recover and is driven back six yards after initial contact. The strength is displayed here when you notice that by the time Ryan Kelly comes over to possibly help, Nelson has the defender under control. It took a lot of energy to push Nelson back in the pocket like that and in the end, the defender had nothing to show for it. AnalysisQuenton Nelson displayed all of the attributes fans hoped he would show in his first performance. He dominates defenders at the line of scrimmage far more often than he does not. I counted anywhere between 3-5 losses, depending on how hard you are grading him, in over 30 snaps. There were about 3-5 snaps where he didn’t lose, but he didn’t really win either. The rest? Clear wins.His biggest weakness is lateral agility, making him susceptible to speed and quickness. In a phone booth, he is a dominant player. On an island, at tackle, his issues with speed could be brutal. For the game, I would give him a B grade in pass protection. There are four plays above where Nelson didn’t win or play a meaningful role in helping to keep the pocket clean. There were 19 total passing snaps and at most two legitimate pressures/hurries. As a rookie getting his first experience against NFL caliber defensive linemen, a 10% “hurry” rate is reasonable. Injuries continue to plague the Indianapolis Colts. This certainly places more pressure on rookies and second-year players to impact the outcome of football games. The bad news is that this will sometimes breed some inconsistencies and growing pains. The good news is that the Colts rookie class has continued to handle the heavy workload quite well and all of this early experience could payoff considerably down the road due to intensive player development.As has been the case all season, young Colts played a major role in the outcome of Sunday’s home divisional game against the Texans. Let’s take a look at their contributions and see how their impact is changing.OffenseThe offensive contributions are still heavily influenced by Quenton Nelson and running backs Jordan Wilkins and Nyheim Hines. Nelson has still played every down in 2018 and has established himself as a building block for the unit’s future. He was visibly abused on a stunt by Jadeveon Clowney on Sunday but is still the best young lineman on the team.The running game is starting to fall off entirely in Indianapolis. This is certainly impacting the role and production for rookie rushers Jordan Wilkins and Nyheim Hines. Wilkins only carried the ball 8 times for 16 yards and Hines rushed 4 times for 10 yards. Neither player was particularly effective but when the play-calling balance is 62 passes to 14 runs (excluding quarterback scrambles) Matthias Farley Jersey , it won’t be easy to get things going.Indianapolis fell behind early in the first half that saw little signs of offensive life. This certainly changed the game plan and the half time adjustment was to put the team on Andrew Luck’s shoulders and move the ball through the air. No player was a greater beneficiary of the new game plan than Hines. This was a breakout game for him as a receiver and as a facet of the passing offense. He caught a team high 9 passes on a team high 11 targets for 63 yards and 2 touchdowns.With second-year running back Marlon Mack still on the sideline and veteran Robert Turbin serving the final game of his suspension, Wilkins and Hines dominates the offensive snaps. Hines was in the game for 68% of offensive snaps with Wilkins gathering 35% of the opportunities. The only other running back to take a snap was Jeremy McNichols with 2 total.DefenseThe Colts run defense has continued to look strong through four games but the pass defense struggled against the Texans. This could be partially due to injuries keeping Quincy Wilson out of the game and ending Kenny Moore’s day early but Houston was able to effectively move the ball through the air. I think it’s fair to point out that fans might be overlooking at least 14 points that Houston scored that were essentially due to offensive mistakes in the first half — meaning that the defense was far better than the score indicates — but the final passing play in overtime was a prime example of some of the struggles the unit faced.Rookie linebacker Darius Leonard didn’t have a signature play this week but he did continue to set the tone for all of the defense. He missed his first snap of the season after hobbling off of the field but was immediately back in, gathering 99% of the defensive snaps. He led the team with 13 tackles, including 8 solos and 1 sack. Through four weeks, Leonard’s 54 tackles is 8 more than any other player this season and one of the highest four week totals in history. Also this:There is nothing more fans can ask from Leonard to this point in the season. He has vastly outperformed any legitimate expectation and has to be considered a front runner for NFL defensive rookie of the year. It is exciting to imagine what he will be able to accomplish if he can stay healthy the rest of the way. The other rookie defensive contributor is edge rusher Kemoko Turay. He followed up a breakout performance against the Eagles by adding another half sack on an impressive play against the Texans. He has been visibly improving and has created pressure on the quarterback for much of the season. His stat sheet also included another quarterback hit. He led all other rookies with 36% of the defensive snaps.The only other rookie to see the field on defense was linebacker Zaire Franklin who took five total snaps and continued to out-pace veteran Najee Goode who took only 1.Second-year contributors, Malik Hooker and Nate Hairston continued to be relied upon for a full days work on defense, taking every snap. Linebacker Anthony Walker took 84% of the defensive snaps with Kenny Moore behind him at 37%. Moore left the field with concussion early in the game and did not return.Of the second-year players, the biggest contribution came from Anthony Walker who finished the game with 10 tackles, including 9 solos, a sack, and 2 tackles for a loss. He continues to play a bigger and bigger role in the Colts new defense and has been promising since he returned from injury. Hooker finished the game with 2 tackles, Hairston with 4, and Moore with 3.
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