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   Your San Francisco 49ers links for Thursday
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Post subject: Your San Francisco 49ers links for Thursday Post Posted: Wed Aug 14, 2019 2:40 am
Dante Pettis Jersey White , May 9th, 2019"In the last few days we have talked about Richard Sherman’s opinion of Nick Bosa and his 80% playing status while recovering from injury last season.We have talked for the last few months (years?) about the inability of our secondary. However, it is a couple other comments from Sherman’s interview that will help define the success of our defense this season.“Not knowing how to finish, not having finishers” is what truly defined multiple losses for the 49ers last year. That is why Shanahan and Lynch spent the time stocking up on the defensive line yet again this offseason. The addition of Bosa and Dee Fordhopefully will give the 49ers the “guys needed to hit (the quarterback) in the face.” With a multitude of our own top draft picks along with Ford, the 49ers should finally be set on this front. These are the “finishers” that have taken the spotlight this offseason.The comment that excited me though was “Fred (Warner) is a year older, he’s not a rookie play caller anymore.” When looking at our defense and all the additions heading into this season it has become easy to forget about the maturation of our other players. We are heading into Warner’s second season and have been putting the pieces in place to help him grow. Kwon Alexander’s arrival with his coverage skills (72.8 and 72.5 the last 2 seasons) should relieve pressure off Warner. The 49ers have always been a team that was led from the LB position. We have had the fortune of watching Patrick Willis, Navorro Bowman, and Aldon Smith (for a few years) recently. For those of us who have been around for a while, we have gotten to enjoy Haley, Norton, Romanowski, and maybe even Wilcox, The one thing that all of these players had were defensive lines that could change games as well. Hopefully the new additions to our line allow Warner to elevate his game so he can sit alongside the greats who have played the LB position here. Let’s hope to see this maturation and quickly start calling Warner a “finisher.”On to the links:49ers did little with secondary, but Richard Sherman is ‘100 percent ggod’ with groupDad thanks 49ers rookie Greenlaw for saving daughter49ers offensive line slams beer at San Jose Sharks gameChris Simms: 49ers are a playoff-caliber team ir close to it, and the defense could be a top-5 unitSan Francisco 49ers: Top 5 too-early roster predictions for 2019 rookies49ers Garoppolo on his dad, knee comeback, even Nick Bosa The 2019 NFL Senior Bowl is a wrap and the San Francisco 49ers coaching staff can start looking towards the NFL Draft. All week Kyle Shanahan and his staff were coaching the South for the Senior Bowl and got extended looks at a wealth of prospects. Being that the 49ers are picking second, this extended look will do wonders not just to evaluate talent George Kittle Jersey , but to see if personalities fit or clash. So if the 49ers were limited to the Senior Bowl roster, who would we find selected? Well a mock draft from FanSpeak’s Steve Shoup answers just that. Just a few things to keep in mind, this is from what he calls “a generic” team. So any team could have this mock. That said, I made some adjustments to the players based on the 49ers’ needs. Being this is a generic team-mock, we also need to take into account that positioning isn’t weighed as much. That means if we were actually doing this with the 49ers starting at No. 2, there’s not a doubt in my mind some of these picks could get sniped by the Arizona Cardinals or whoever else is in front of the 49ers. For the most part, I tried to stick with what Shoup walked out with for generic teams as my evaluations of the Senior Bowl prospects pales in comparison to his or others. I also accounted for the draft picks the 49ers have. Don’t consider this my mock draft, but more a revision of his. The 49ers have five picks and one possible sixth round compensatory pick.Here’s what I came up with: Round 1: DE Montez Sweat, Mississippi StateRound 2: WR Deebo Samuel, South CarolinaRound 3: G Chris Lindstrom, Boston CollegeRound 4: LB Germaine Pratt, NC StateRound 6: OT Tytus Howard, Alabama StateRound 7: CB Jimmy Moreland, James MadisonMontez Sweat had some moments in the Senior Bowl, he made some offensive linemen look silly through the week. I am pumping the brakes the praise since it’s Senior Bowl competition and not NFL competition, but if I don’t have Nick Bosa or Josh Allen at my disposal, give me Sweat as my edge rusher. Deebo Samuel had a great week of practices but didn’t show much on Saturday. Anyone who watched will know that wasn’t his fault. Samuel’s quarterback was throwing some absolute clunkers around the field that were impossible to catch. What I liked in those terrible balls was Samuel still trying to make plays on them. Balls sailing far to high in the air would still have Samuel going Michael Jordan to try and pluck them out of the sky. I loved what I saw through the week from Samuel. My issue with Samuel is his separation, which I didn’t see much of Saturday—that is on him. Kyle Shanahan loves separation so I do think that may be a hard pass on Samuel Solomon Thomas Jersey , plus I’m happy with Kendrick Bourne and Dante Pettis (flail me whenever you’re ready). At the very least, Samuel earned himself a workout with the 49ers. I love, love, love, love Chris Lindstrom. He has good pass protection and run blocking and has that quickness necessary for Kyle Shanahan’s zone blocking scheme. If there’s one player I’d like to see from the Senior Bowl on the roster, it’s Lindstrom. I don’t think he’ll last until the third round after pro days and combines come around, but if he’s there, the 49ers can solve their guard problem. Germaine Pratt is a linebacker that I think with some development can be placed alongside Fred Warner. Put him, Elijah Lee, and Warner on the roster and you got a respectable tandem of linebackers. I checked out some of his tape at NC State and loved his speed. Pratt will need development, but I think he could work in Saleh’s scheme within a year. Tytus Howard will sit for 2019. If I took him he’d be a backup swing tackle for 2019 and maybe 2020, but he’d be working with the expectation and hope of him replacing either Joe Staley or Mike McGlinchey when the latter moves over to Staley’s spot after the eventual retirement. This guy took Sweat down a few times through practice according to Shoup and I think if the 49ers don’t rush him—develop him, he could be really, really good in two years. The last pick is a flyer. Jimmy Moreland might not work at all in Saleh’s defense, but it’d be interesting to see what he does with Richard Sherman’s tutelage. Like I said, nothing much different than what was taken by a “generic” team, but more a revision of sorts. What do you think? Who would you take with the first and second picks if you had only the Senior Bowl roster at your disposal?
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