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Post subject: In the immediate aftermath of the announcement that Post Posted: Mon Oct 28, 2019 2:34 am
the NFL had settled the collusion grievances filed by Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid Dre Greenlaw San Francisco 49ers Jersey , speculation emerged that Kaepernick and Reid cashed in, significantly. And while no one has yet to blab about the specific amount (it seems inevitable that someone eventually will), there are some indications that Kaepernick and Reid didn’t strike it as rich as some believe.First, the fact that Kaepernick may continue to seek employment with the NFL — and that he could, if denied employment, file a fresh claim for retaliation arising from his settled collusion grievance — suggests that the payment wasn’t a massive one. Buying out Kaepernick’s employment rights for the balance of his career would have been very expensive; the fact that the NFL didn’t buy out those employment rights, coupled with the potential exposure the NFL will have to a retaliation grievance if he remains unemployed, suggests that an enormous amount of money did not change hands.Second, per a source with knowledge of the internal procedures that resulted in the settlement, the payments by the NFL to Kaepernick and Reid did not require the approval of team owners. Instead, the NFL’s Management Council Executive Committee voted unanimously to approve the settlement, without a vote of the member clubs.Third, to the extent that the 1/32nd share of the settlement will be reflected in an eventual financial report of the Green Bay Packers, it’s believed that the impact of the payment will be immaterial to the broader figures reflected in the document.Fourth, multiple people connected to the league have, without disclosing the number, downplayed the settlement as an amount that will cover the league’s anticipated legal expenses for the duration of the arbitration, with perhaps a bit more. (The anticipated legal expenses weren’t disclosed; chances are those amounts would have been in the seven figures, not in the eight figures.)Fifth, another source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that speculation that the settlement amount landed in the range of $60 million to $80 million is incorrect.It’s still possible if not likely that someone with knowledge of the specific payment will leak it. Until that happens, the available information suggests that Kaepernick and Reid ultimately will not be receiving the kind of major payday that some had suggested in the immediate aftermath of Friday’s news that a deal had been reached.It also means that, in our unofficial setting of the over/under at $49.5 million, the winning bet may be the under. The San Francisco 49ers coaches and scouts are back from Mobile, Alabama following the 2019 Senior Bowl, and now it’s time to get ready for the February NFL Combine. The coaching staff remained in Mobile through the game, but the scouts departed after practices wrapped up on Thursday. They took care of their player evaluations and interviews during the preceding days, and were going to get film from the game to further break players down.49ers.com senior reporter Joe Fann was in Mobile for the Senior Bowl, and he had a great guest on his podcast. Fann sat down with 49ers area scout Tariq Ahmad and they discussed a broad range of topics in what is one of my favorite podcasts in recent memory.Ahmad is an area scout for the 49ers, covering the northeast region. According to Aziz, that goes from Maine to North Carolina, and west as far as West Virginia. He told Fann he is not sure how many schools that covers because he is checking out all the way down to Division III for prospects.The entire podcast is worth a listen, and I’ve broken down the timestamps below. The best part is early on when Ahmad gives a rundown of the player interview process at the Senior Bowl. We hear frequently about teams meeting with players at the all star games, but we don’t get the details like we do with the Combine. He provides helpful insight on that.Fann asked him about a couple prospects the 49ers drafted last year that fell under his region: N.C. State defensive lineman Kentavius Street and Temple defensive lineman Jullian Taylor. Ahmad mentioned that he specialized in the defensive line, so these two were particularly in his wheelhouse. However 2019 Dre Greenlaw Jersey , injuries impacted the evaluations. Street tore his ACL in a private workout for the New York Giants leading up to the 2018 NFL Draft, while Taylor had limited playing experience due to various injuries during his college career.Kentavius Street“Kentavius — kinda what I was saying before, the background of my job is so important. Anybody could watch Kentavius play or watch him work out and say, this guy’s a special talent — explosive, powerful, fast. He’s as thick and dense as anyone that you’ve ever seen.”But, the background — going to school, talking with the trainers, talking with his strength coach — they all loved him, every player loved him. So it was an easy decision because that guy’s going to do everything he can to get right, to get back to where he was before. There’ll be no days off. I was talking to another player just yesterday that I interviewed, who said, ‘Yep, Kentavius is training with me right now. He’s at so-and-so workout facility training, doesn’t take a day off.’”So that makes that very comfortable because our job, as gathering information plus evaluating, we were able to get a great player.”Jullian Taylor“Totally different story with Jullian. Actually, from my days at Rutgers, I knew Jullian. So we had an extensive rapport between the two of us. Right away, when he was a junior and I was doing that summer work that I was talking about, he only played a few games because he had a knee injury that year, his junior year. But I made sure I watched those games, the game against Penn State is the one that stands out in my mind. And he was a really good football player, with minimal playing experience.“So the following year, I had a microscope on him because I saw stuff that I really, really liked early on. And I thought he performed at a high level. I thought he had traits. I don’t know if the instincts were always there because of the limited background, but I really, really liked what was inside of his body, and from knowing him, from his days down in South Jersey, I thought that he was going to be a really talented player and a really quality person who adds value to the locker room.”Timestamps0:20 — His job at the Senior Bowl1:32 — The player interview process at the Senior Bowl6:08 — His path to becoming a scout7:15 — What he thinks makes him a good scout7:55 — What a calendar year is like for an area scout11:35 — Best travel story13:50 — How to keep internal peace (eat right, hit gym, be mentally well) during the extensive road trips14:52 — Process with Kentavius Street16:42 — Process with Jullian Taylor18:00 — On difficulty of finding a diamond in the rough in an age of limitless information19:19 — Defining his region (northeast)19:51 — On rules and protocol for contacting players and working with schools20:47 — On relationships with other scouts in the region22:00 — Favorite part of being an area scout22:53 — On getting on the table for prospects24:04 — Hardest part of being an area scout and how front office encourages family time25:50 — On dealing with scouting being an imperfect science and having to have an opinion based on it27:22 — On following guys even if they don’t end up being drafted by the 49ers and how he improves his process29:07 — A player who taught him the most in his scouting process
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