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Post subject: fits from buying these RT Post Posted: Mon Jan 20, 2020 6:27 am
Time as a dimension can be modeled as a plane surface enveloping or enclosing a tridimensional space Mikko Koivu Finland Jersey , and thus, time is curved. This envelope represents the domain of time, but actual time lapse from an individual's point of view is along the dimension, appearing as sequential movement. However, movement through time is, itself Jussi Jokinen Finland Jersey , multidimensional and not a simple "straight" line. It is the multidimensional aspect of time that enables perception of time moving "slowly" versus moving "quickly"; the closer conscious awareness is to the center, the more rapidly time appears to "flow".

Transformation dimensions, of which time is one, are not like the groups of three dimensions that follow them. The transformation dimensions enable other dimensions to exist, but they, themselves Erik Haula Finland Jersey , appear to exist outside the infrastructure of the dimensions they enable. Time as a dimension is longitudinal to the three spatial dimensions, and that means the measurement goes across dimensional realities, such as alternate universes. Time, therefore, can be thought of as a hyperdimension; that term is synonymous with the phrase, "transformation dimension". What is conventionally accepted as the measurement of time is actually a measurement along dimensions five through seven within our spacetime. We call such a measurement change over time. All measurements of time are actually measurements of change along one or more of the spatial dimensions Mikael Granlund Finland Jersey , and the units of measurement used for spatial dimensions are equally useful for measurements of change over time. The movement of an hour hand around an analog clockface can be measured in centimeters or inches, for example. In fact, the analog clockface itself is a crude model of movement along the fifth dimension (movement of a line within a plane).

This concept is difficult to put into words, but it is quite clear once you understand the relationship between a transformation dimension and the three dimensions that follow it. For example, time itself cannot be measured within our spacetime; the measuring of change over time is relative and dependent upon the existence of at least one following dimension. What we call seconds, minutes Valtteri Filppula Finland Jersey , and hours are symbols we use to indicate the rate of change along one or more spatial dimensions. If we could use those units to measure time without reference to any other dimension, we would be measuring time itself. But how do you know what a minute is without a clock or other spatial reference to guide you? To get a feel for this, try the mental exercise of attempting to measure time without resorting to the referencing of other dimensions; it cannot be done. This is because the units of measurement we use for time have meaning only when compared to a reference, such as the atomic clock, and inherent in that reference is the referencing of spatial dimensions. Relative to our spacetime universe, actual time itself is static Joonas Donskoi Finland Jersey , or more accurately, is pure potentiality, but this characteristic enables dynamic movement within the following three dimensions.

True measurement of time could be in units of seconds, minutes, hours, or etc. Aleksander Barkov Finland Jersey , along the dimension itself but this measurement would define a distance between alternate realities, not between points of movement in our spacetime. (continued in Part 3)

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