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Jan 03, 2019
Post subject: JF bimetal bushings,flanged bimetal bearing Factory Post Posted: Fri Jan 18, 2019 3:17 am
Principle of self-lubricating bearings
Most of the Casting bimetal bushing used in the former machinery industry are still balls, needles and the like. Only a small part of the bearings have been self-lubricating bearings. It is believed that in the near future, the bearings will be incomparably strong, wear-resistant and economical. Advantages and become the leading product in the JF bimetal bushings,flanged bimetal bearing,plate strip industry. The following are the application characteristics and advantages of some self-lubricating bearings: oil-free lubrication bearing series
1. No oil lubrication or less oil lubrication. It is suitable for places that cannot be refueled or difficult to refuel. It can be used without maintenance or less maintenance.
2. Good wear resistance, small friction coefficient and long service life.
3. There is an appropriate amount of elastoplasticity, which can distribute the stress on the wider contact surface and improve the bearing capacity of the bearing.
4. The static friction coefficient is similar, which can eliminate the creep at low speed, thus ensuring the working precision of the machine.
5. It can reduce vibration, reduce noise, prevent pollution and improve working conditions.
6. DX Maginal Bushing The transfer film can be formed during the operation to protect the grinding shaft without biting.
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