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Post subject: Cheap Baltimore Ravens Jerseys Post Posted: Wed Feb 27, 2019 6:50 am
Promotional material for The Great Wall featuring Matt Damon Photo: IC
While concerns that renowned Chinese director Zhang Yimou's new film The Great Wall was whitewashing its cast has became a huge topic of discussion on social media in the US Wholesale Baltimore Ravens Jerseys , film lovers in China seem to be less interested in weighing in on the discussion.

The film became a much-discussed topic on Twitter after US actor Matt Damon responded to accusations that his leading role in the China-Hollywood co-produced action blockbuster was whitewashing in an interview with the Associated Press on Tuesday.

Damon, well-known by Chinese audiences for his Bourne series, told AP that his participation in the film did not replace any Asian actors, as his role in the movie was planned from the very beginning.

All quiet in China

Currently Wholesale Ravens Jerseys , discussion about the film in China has focused more on the Chinese cast, which includes young stars Wang Junkai and Lu Han, than any controversy about race.

Judging from the hundreds of comments on a Sina Weibo post by the Global Times featuring a video of the AP interview, some don't even know what "whitewashing" is.

"What bad thing did he do that he needs to whitewash it?" a Weibo user called Little G Is Not Busy commented Cheap Baltimore Ravens Jerseys , clearly thinking of the more common meaning of whitewash - "a deliberate concealment of someone's mistakes or faults in order to clear their name."
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